Der Tropfen auf das heiße Sein.

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  1. Wieder ein klasse Makro, bewundere Deine Geduld! Sehr stimmig und klasse Momentaufnahme!

  2. Moin moin! – Klasse Aufnahme! – Ich hatte auch mal so eine Phase und habe selber ein wenig mit den Tropfen experimentiert! Grüße!

  3. Awesome. I've been wanting to try this too–I'm inspired. I'm sorry about the lack of photo motivation. Sometimes you just have to give it a break, but if it's any encouragement, I think your images are great.

  4. Nette Idee und gute Umsetzung. Mit der Tropfenfotografie kann man schon einige Stunden verbringen.

  5. Sorry to hear you're not in the mood to take photos. This is amazing. Very creative and just the precise moment.

  6. What I love about this image is that it is one that all of us (at least those with faucets) experience everyday yet we don't pay attention to the detail. This incredible liquid miraculously comes out in these beautiful droplets. I saw an African band perform long ago and they had a song about how their source of water would stop "JUST LIKE THAT". Inspiration can come from many "sources".

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